Monday, August 16, 2010

Truth, Lie and Wisdom

Three goddesses were sitting in an old Indian temple. Their names were Truth (always telling the truth), Lie (always lying) and Wisdom (sometimes lying). A visitor asked the one on the left: "Who is sitting next to you?"

"Truth," she answered.

Then he asked the one in the middle: "Who are you?"


Lastly, he asked the one on the right: "Who is your neighbor?"

"Lie," she replied.

And then it became clear who is who.



Start with the possible options for person B:

B says that it is Wisdom, therefore it can either be Lie or Wisdom, but can't be Truth.

Person A:

A says that the person to the left is Truth, which we now know is a lie, therefore, A is either Lie or Wisdom aswell.

Person C:

Because neither A or B can be Truth, it has to be Truth, therfore, person C saying that the person to the left is Lie, is a truthful statement.

Thus, B is known to be Lie and that leaves person A being wisdom

A-wisdom, B-Lie, C-Truth

It could have been explained more clearly by saying that:

Truth is neither the one on the left or the middle since she won't lie about who is beside her or who she is. Therefore, she is on the right side and she was telling the truth that Lie was her neighbor, in the middle. That leaves Wisdom on the left.


What do you think guys?


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