Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, last Christmas I’ve exchanged small gift with Jessica Tay Mui Li @ Tay Mui Li. She is my ex-course mate (Biology but major in Botany), housemate, best friend, money lender in time of need (the best part hahaha) & sort of my advisor in everything I do..

I’ve decided to give her something which she wouldn’t wear, hoping that someday she will..

This is one of the things that I bought for her, I have 2 of them in white + orange loves & yellow + red loves respectively.. Moreover, its 70% on sale!

So, I got the idea from the THREADBANGER (I love this channel in Youtube very much!) to put it into a jar instead of a box (ooooo so last century!)

Then, I wrapped it in transparent wrapper with the motives of small yellow + pink flowers..

Finally, I made a love button (from my felt scrap of my mini frame project) & wrote something on the small cards. O there’s my bf pics on the right!..

It’s not a very special gift but guys come on…’s the sincerity that counts right?

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