Friday, March 20, 2009

The happiest muffins ever..

I must say im obssesed, addicted & very much in love with bun, cake, muffin, tart, cookies and you name it..all sort of pastry esp the colorful i & those which atrracted my attention..

so today i've gulped down 2 muffins.. ('O')

this is the 1 i got for today..

this is the packaging, its RM2.90 only with 4 muffins inside (cheap ya for its only 50ct each! plus its super duper yummy!

Then another story of my muffins obsessions, during The Symposium on Ex-Situ Conservation of Orang Utan at Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark which me & my classmates attended on 10th till 11th Mac 2009..

During the seminar, i finished 1 of my muffin which i "tapao" during breakfast buffet..

It took me 'bout 15mins to finish it as im still quite full at that time..

fuuuhhhhhhhh..i just love muffins..