Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CIMB Bank Police Alert

Petang jumaat lepas sy pg la ATM CIMB nak withdraw duit blanja, smbil2 tgk mirror merangkap notice board & CCTV (ada kat smua ATM kat UKM) sy tnmpak notis btajuk “POLICE ALERT!!” kat sblah ATM 2..

Notis itu bertulis bgini..

1. NEVER respond to any phone call/ SMS/ email requesting your bank account details.

2. NEVER reveal your bank account details/ ATM pin/ internet banking password to anyone.

3. NEVER follow instruction from unknown party to do banking transaction or make changes to your bank account details.

4. NEVER be a victim of schemes that sound too good to be true.

p/s: cermin sblah ATM 2 ble jd CCTV, cermin belek muka jga utk iklan @ notis..hahaha


  1. nmpk nye itu adelah multipurpose mirror!

  2. haha...mesti helen touch up muke kat situ kan...

  3. hoho..xda2 sy siap ambik2 gmbar lg dpan cermin 2..