Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Just started my work again after 'bout 1 week school holidays in advance..this is the 1st post i saw in my bloglist today..so frens let us join this giveaway for her 6th wedding anniversary coz its only a few days till the due date on 11 Mac 2010 at 8pm..
So excited as there are so many things that she will give this time..
amongst the goodies are:
- 60++ fancy buttons
- 1 set love stickers
- 3 set wooden heart shapes
- 20pcs satin flowers
- alphabet confetti
- love confetti
- flower shape sequin
- 2pcs butterfly memo clips
- 15pcs foam appliques
- 1 pcs love applique
- 2pcs love cross stich
- lace flower border
- a mystery gift
See how many things she is giving away? lets join here frens!!!
All you have to do is:
1. Be her follower
2. Add her blog to your bloglist
3. Copy the photo above & make an n3 'bout it with link to sararisa-craft
4. Lastly, add your n3 link to her giveaway n3 here
I'll like to wish her Sararisa-craft a happily ever after marriage, excellent health & brilliant children..All the best in your crafting!! God bless you..

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