Friday, March 26, 2010

FabuLOVE Giveaway at CuteandYummy

My 1st n3 for today , its from the cute & yummy who handmade cards, crochet bears, & she is addicted to all kawaii things! (juz like me!)
Contest will be closed on 21/04/2010 (3 days b4 my bfday!)
All you have to do is,
1. Be her follower
2. Make an n3 about this giveaway
3.Add her to your bloglist
4. Leave a comment & email add
The winner will take away all the stuffs as above..
Gud luck frens!

p/s: Happy birthday in advance tuan kedai Cute & Yummy..

1 comment:

  1. Hello helena..

    April girl too? Hehe.. Happy becoming birthday ya..

    And thanks for joining my giveaway.. Goodluck

    Feel free to visit my blog again.